Claude Schryer (1959, Ottawa, he/him) believes the arts, in the context of decolonization, can play a much more impactful role in shaping our collective future and has dedicated the rest of his life to this vocation. He is a franco-ontarian sound and media artist and arts administrator of european ancestry. He holds a MM in composition from McGill U and was actively in involved in the acoustic ecology and electroacoustic music communities in the 80’s & 90’s. From 00 to 20 he held management positions at Canada Council for the Arts in Inter-Arts and as a strategic advisor. He currents produces the conscient podcast on art and the ecological crisis. He describes his artistic aestheticas ‘an exploration of the liminal space between reality, fantasy and spirit’. He is also an environmental activist who volunteers with the Sectoral Climate Art Leadership for the Emergency (SCALE)(chair of the board and member of the Mission Circle)andregularlygives workshops, facilitates meetings, and participates in panels and presentations on art and the ecological crisis.  He is grateful to the Gesturing Towards Decolonized Futures collective and the Facing Human Wrongs course for guidance in his learning and  unlearnings. He is a zen and qi gong practionner, son of Jeannine and Maurice Schryer, husband of Sabrina Mathews, father of Clara Schryer and Riel Schryer. 

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