This bilingual web site presents my professional services as an advisor, speaker and creator about art and the ecological crisis.

I believe that arts and culture, in the context of decolonization, can play a much more impactful role in shaping our collective future and have dedicate the rest of my life to this vocation.

  • In March 2020, I launched the conscient podcast, a bilingual learning journey that explores art and the ecological crisis (season 3 on the theme of ‘radical listening’ ended in February 2022; a 4th season will be presented as of January 1, 2023 on the theme of ‘Sounding Modernity’);
  • In September 2020, I retired as a senior strategic advisor and manager at the Canada Council for the Arts after 21 years of public service in order to devote more time to the existential threat of the climate emergency and related ecological issues;
  • In March 2021, I became a founder of the coordination circle of SCALE-LeSAUT, a national hub to develop strategy, align activities, and activate the leadership of Canada’s arts and culture sector in the climate emergency
  • In March 2022, I took a break from SCALE-LeSAUT and conscient podcast to do the exercises and reflect upon the questions outlined in Vanessa Andreotti’s Hospicing Modernity
  • In May 2022, I started applying my learnings from Hospicing Modernity and the Facing Human Wrongs course and returned to volunteer with SCALE-LeSAUT (currently as chair of the board of directors) and accept invitations as an advisor, speaker and creator, in the context of decolonization, about art and the ecological crisis.

This web site is in 5 parts :

  1. bio : 100 word bio, 3 page CV, Who I Am, Electro CD and Linked In
  2. skills : advisor, speaker, creator
  3. examples: links to documentation of recent activities
  4. rates : outline
  5. contact: coordinates

This web site was developed in collaboration with web designer and podcast producer Ayesha Barmania, https://www.ayeshabarmania.com/

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