This bilingual web site presents my professional advisory, facilitation and creative services about art and the ecological crisis.

I believe that arts and culture can play a much more impactful role in shaping our collective future and have dedicated the rest of my life to this vocation.

  • In March 2020, I launched the conscient podcast, a bilingual learning journey that explores art and the ecological crisis (season 3 on the theme of ‘radical listening’ ends in February 2022; season 4 will begin during the spring of 2022);
  • In September 2020, I retired as a senior strategic advisor at the Canada Council for the Arts after 21 years of service in order to devote more time to the existential threat of the climate emergency;
  • In March 2021, I became a founder and member of the coordination circle of SCALE-LeSAUT, a national hub to develop strategy, align activities, and activate the leadership of Canada’s arts and culture sector in the climate emergency

What I am currently reading (and recommend): Hospicing Modernity Note: I am listening to my audio version, which is excellent

This web site is in 5 parts :

  1. bio : 100 word bio, 2 page CV, Who I Am, Electro CD and Linked In
  2. skills : strategic advice, meeting facilitation, creative services
  3. examples: links to documentation of recent activities by skill type
  4. rates : outline
  5. contact: email and phone coordinates

This web site was developed in collaboration with Ayesha Barmania : https://www.ayeshabarmania.com/

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